Footy Sox: Anti-Slip Performance Enhancing Socks

Footy Sox® Are An Affordable Anti-Slip Sock That Allow You To Change Directions Tighter and Faster By Reducing Any Slippage Inside Your Boots!

Footy Sox: Performance Enhancing Technology

Footy Sox features revolutionary performance enhancing grip segments which maximize the grip you get within your footwear.

Footy Sox's patented state of the art ITNEX Pad technology along with the anti slip segments allow you to  generate greater speed and agility.

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Revolutionary INTEX Pad Technology Powers The Most Advanced and Performance Enhancing Grip Socks on the Market.

INTEX Pads are fitted on the interior and exterior of Footy Sox to ensure that there is no movement within your footwear, while the Footy Sox Grip Segments grip to your foot and footwear simultaneously.

This gives you the ankle stability and the grip that all elite athletes are looking for!