Footy Sox Technology

Your Feet and Cleats Become Closer Than Ever

Increase the amount of grip within your cleat with  the Footy Sox Anti-Slip Segments.  Footy Sox® uses revolutionary technology to provide more grip on the inside and outside of these socks.  The anti-slip segments on the inside provide grip from foot to socks, and the segments on the outside provide grip from socks to cleats.  This allows your foot and cleats to become closer than ever before!

The Harder You Work, The Better You Perform

INTEX Anti-Slip Segments:

Footy Sox® INTEX Anti-Slip Rubber Segments on the interior and exterior of your sock allows you to maximize grip to ensure that there is minimal sliding within your cleat.  

Along with this, as you begin to sweat within your socks, the grip is maximized, the harder you work, the better Footy Sox® will allow you to perform!

Agility & Performance:

INTEX Anti-Slip Segments allow you to turn sharper and turn faster than ever before.  These segments allow you to feel more secure in your cleats while reducing any slipping inside your cleats.  

Footy Sox® allow you to increase reaction time, turn faster, and generate more power than traditional socks which will take your game to the next level!